Best Guidance to Purchase Framed Bathroom Mirror

Framed bathroom mirror is one of bathroom element that can bring additional artistic touch. What you need to think about before purchasing any framed mirror is checking the material, design and finishing part when it needs to be combining with other part. Be sure that you measure the space by using measurement tape.

Take previous measurement for framed bathroom mirror installation since the mirror at store usually looks smaller than when you bring it back at home. Just try to remember that it needs 4 up to 6 inches between your mirror and the ceiling. When finish measuring the space, choose the position of mirror. Never put mirror in taller position than your vanity to avoid difficulties.

Do not forget to carefully set your budget for framed mirror installation. Usually, it will take around $50 up to $100. However, this cost will be highly depends on the size and design of the mirror itself. The first important thing is to pay attention to its function. Pay attention to look for more information of the warranties, return policies and product review.

Need cheaper cost? Try to do it yourself. You will need paint brush, paneling adhesive, level, wood glue, scotch tape, drop cloth, painters tape and extra fine sanding pad to make framed mirror by yourself.